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      I am grateful to God for this study! And to Pastor O’Steen and all of those who work behind the scenes to make it happen. I have been a Sunday School teacher and deacon in my local church for 4 years now. This past Sunday, Our sunday school lesson came from Union Gospel Press, Bible Expositor and Illuminator. Obedience in Rest—Exod. 31:12-18. The end of my lesson was met with sharp criticizism and rebuke from a influential and prominent lady in our church. Unfortunately, said church member is very legalistic in their views and observes the Jewish Sabbath. To the point, this person wears Tzitzits as commanded in Deuteronomy 22:12 and Numbers 15:37–41. My message on the Sabbath was very much in line with Pastor O’Steen’s teaching found at this link . My trouble is this, I know where I stand on the matter – 2:Timothy 2:15.. however I am worried as we have some new converts, and an older lady who seems to be struggling with her faith, and not knowing what to follow. Also, it isn’t my place to sew discord among the bretheren of the church. The pastor was present for this debate and simply said it was two differing perspectives on God’s word. What makes the situation complicated is this rebuke came from the pastor’s wife. Who many women in the church look to as a “leader” in the church. It is the Pastor’s flock, my place is to serve. So where do i go from here? I have committed to the month of November for teaching Sunday School, and i feel as if all i have taught for the past 4 years has just been obliterated and my credibility as a teacher diminished. The right thing to do is to finish up with my commitments as promised. However, teaching the next few lessons to finish out may again sew discord among the bretheren, as i refuse to teach and put folks under the law. Is it time to find a new church?

      Again, thanks to all that make the Hope Bible Institute possible! I signed up for this course in hopes to be a better teacher of the word, especially when it comes to those areas of Old Testament Law and bringing the message of the grace of God to others. Thank you my brothers and sisters in Christ!

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      Pastor David OSteenDavid O’Steen

      Thank you for the kind words. Q&A #154 and 155 should help with your question.

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