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      Scott Evans

      Hello all y’all! (Is that how you say it in Georgia?)
      Scott Evans from Longmont, Colorado.
      I am a recovering Episcopalian.
      What a blessing it has been discovering and learning right division and the ministry of reconciliation.
      I can’t get enough of it now.
      I had no idea this forum existed until tonight.
      I just stumbled upon it.
      Today I finished the Old Testament section in the OT/NT Overview.
      Really enjoying everything I am learning.
      Now that I know about the forum, I will check back often.
      I told a great friend in the Lord about the institute.
      I haven’t followed up to see if he has joined.
      When he does, I will tell him about this forum.
      Many thanks to Hope Bible Church for the institute.
      Grace and Peace.

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      Avatar photoJim Zile

      Hi Scott! Greetings from NW Oregon.

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